Swiss start-up launches innovative refugee accommodation

25.08.2016 09:41

BOXShelter combines the best elements of containers and tents. It can be used for refugee and evacuation camps but also for offices, schools or storage purposes. The first BOXShelters will be available as of September 2016.

The story of the Swiss start-up BOXS began with the war in Syria in 2011. The founders were upset over the humanitarian conditions in the refugee camps and wanted to help improve the living conditions of those affected. The tents currently in use provide emergency relief, but they will not serve the needs of those who are forced to stay for years.

The team developed a solution combining the flexibility and mobility of tents with the robustness of containers. The system can be easily erected and dismantled without the use of any tools and guarantees stability despite its low weight: no individual component exceeds 35 kilograms and can be transported to your erection site without heavy vehicles. The thermally insulated and weather-proof materials are designed for use in all climate zones.

Several BOXShelter modules can be combined to larger facilities. Separator wall panels can be used to create dwellings, subdivisions, course rooms or lounges. BOXShelter is intended for usage at multiple locations during its life cycle. The high-end finish provides for a service life for at least 15 years.

The solution can be used for refugee and evacuation camps after catastrophic events but also schools, kindergartens, offices, labs, storage purposes etc. The first BOXShelters will be available as of September 2016. First clients are impressed by its multi-functionality and price.


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