Swiss Fintech Investor Day: Call for Fintech Startups

25.08.2016 09:14

The Swiss Fintech Investor Day on November 14th 2016 is a matchmaking event where Swiss Fintech startups pitch to find experienced smart money investors. Startup application and early bird registration for investors are open.

The goal of the Swiss Fintech Investor Day is to bring together top angel investors from Switzerland and abroad and to build a solid ecosystem for innovative Swiss Fintech startups to find funding. The event will start at noon with training sessions for angels, followed by a pitching session of 12 Fintech startups who have completed an in-depth pitch training.

The event is organized by SICTIC but several important actors of the Fintech startup ecosystem are also directly involved. Several angel groups are supporting by give training sessions on key investing topics. Partners of the event include SIX FinTech Incubator F10, Swiss Fintech Innovations, Swiss Finance Startups, Swiss Startup Invest and Fintech Circle (London, UK). The event is supported by CTI Start-up and Entrepreneurship and David Butler (Social Axle) is in charge of planning and running the event. 

The Swiss Fintech Investor Day will take place on November 14th, 2016. Startup application and early bird registrations for investors are open. For applying as a startup it is not necessary to have a registered company. The founder and the company must be based in Switzerland. Startup application deadline is 2 October.

Information, registration and application for startups on 


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