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Archilogic completes $ 1.5m Funding Round

10.08.2015 08:00

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Archilogic has raised $ 1.5m in growth funding from a group of angel investors and family offices in order to further expand its successful interactive 3D real estate marketing technology.

The Zurich-based company’s platform offers a highly scalable and modular 3D engine along with advanced algorithms which quickly turn real estate floor plans into beautiful 3D models. Because they leverage the latest in WebGL technology the models can be viewed in any modern browser or embedded into project websites or property portals.
Archilogic’s global customer base is testament to the promise and potential of virtual reality in real estate. Fuelling that growth will be easy-to-create content which links to product and services we use every day – at home and at work. Archilogic aims to be a key pillar in such an ecosystem and is already re-creating thousands of properties per month semantically, ready for user interaction.
Tomas Polach, one of the company’s founders and CTO said: “Our deep background in architecture, design, 3D programming and the real estate market allows us to move very fast. We are proud to be offering a new way of communicating about space to our clients and are convinced that what we are currently doing is only the beginning.”
Archilogic was founded in 2014 and has deep ties into ETH Zurich’s world class visual computing and architecture groups.
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