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Lunaphore supported by FIT and venture kick

26.08.2014 14:42

Lunaphore, a med-tech start-up from Lausanne, won the second stage of venture kick and obtained a CHF100’000 loan from FIT.

Lunaphore is active in the field of “immunohistochemistry”, a technology allowing doctors to efficiently predict oncogenesis and diagnose a cancer as benign or malignant, determine the stage and the grade of a cancer. Tens of millions of such examinations held annually and until 2019, the number is expected to double. The device of Lunaphore is significantly faster, more accurate and smaller than today's products. This means that the startup does not only benefit from the growth of the market, but also opens up new application fields. Lunaphore has already a working prototype and completed preliminary clinical studies successfully. The goal is to launch the product in one and a half year in the research market.

Now Lunaphore gets support from Venture Kick and FIT. The start-up won CHF 20’000 in the second stage of venture kick and has the chance to get CHF 100’000 in the third round. In addition Lunaphore obtained a CHF100’00 loan from FIT.

FIT aims to support high technology and innovative projects by providing appropriate financial assistance. FIT is involved in many fields (for example information technology and communications, cleantech, life sciences, industry) and offers a wide range of services. Since its inception in 1994, it has provided loans amounting to nearly 15 million Swiss francs to some one hundred innovative projects. More information about FIT on the website of the foundation

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