How to grow fast

08.08.2014 13:54

In our press review we present examples of start-ups that have selected different ways for growing fast. David Becker tells the story of zkipster, Bilan has published an article about Auris Medical and some IPO candidates and Werbewoche has published an article with an overview of start-ups that have been acquired by Swiss media companies.

The Guardian: How to take your startup global, without going bust – The story of zkipster

With high operational costs and exorbitant rates for office space, international expansion ain't cheap – here's how to do it sensibly. David Becker, co-founder of zkipster, tells the story of his start-up and explains why two Swiss guys started their company in New York.

Bilan: Les start-up suisses retrouvent enfin le chemin de la bourse

L’action de la zougoise Auris Medical est cotée, depuis aujourd’hui, sur le segment global du Nasdaq. La réussite de son IPO rouvre une fenêtre fermée depuis l'introduction en bourse d'Addex en 2007.


Werbewoche: Um den Nachwuchs sorgen

Geht es um die Beteiligung an Start-ups, sind Verlage dank Media for Equity-Modellen in einer besonders günstigen Lage – auch Schweizer Verlage sind zunehmend aktiv.


MSN: The sci-fi reality: are the techy movies becoming reality?

As children, we sat spellbound by television shows, films and books that promised a future full of impossibly advanced technology. Today, we are beginning to see that even the most mind-blowing gizmos from science fiction are becoming a reality. Even more, today's devices are opening up worlds of possibility that allow us to integrate our technology more seamlessly into our lives. Featuring dizmo.

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