Swisscom selects the Swisscom StartUp Challenge winners

27.08.2013 11:56

Iprova, Qloudlab, Skiioo, Terria Mobile, Tooxme and Upicto are the winners of the Swisscom StartUp Challenge. The six technology start-ups will spend a week in Silicon Valley in October to make contacts and share knowledge with experts there. Swisscom runs this competition to bring attention to promising business models and support the young companies in their further development.


Around 200 companies applied to the Swisscom StartUp Challenge. The business model of each applicant was assessed based on its market potential, team experience, feasibility and significance for the telecommunications and IT sector, resulting in ten finalists. The jury made up of Swisscom decision-makers and Venturelab experts scrutinised these finalists closely, selecting six winners in the end. Iprova (Lausanne), Qloudlab (Lutry), Skiioo (Lausanne), Terria Mobile (Basel), Tooxme (Lausanne), and Upicto (Zürich) had the most convincing impressive models.

Six companies instead of five as originally planned will leave on 13 October 2013 for a one-week business trip in Silicon Valley. Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler, Head of Swisscom's Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Division, explains that "we were pleased to see the very high quality and decided to select an additional Swisscom Startup Challenge winner".

The winners

Protecting innovation on time with Iprova
Iprova has developed a software solution that searches for information on the net about newly emerging technologies. Using these search results, companies can submit patent applications for commercially useful technologies in good time.  This boosts Iprova's customers' chances in the race for registering patents – something that often turns into a fierce fight.

Qloudlab – a revolution in healthcare
Thanks go to the start-up Qloudlab for the world's first biosensor with a touchscreen. The sensor's technology turns the smartphone into a medical device that can conduct a variety of blood tests on the touchscreen using a software application and a special kind of biofilm. No needles or additional devices are required.

Racing into the ski season with Skiioo
The online platform and app, both named Skiioo, connect skiing areas, winter sports enthusiasts and outfitters with each other. It features a single ski pass granting access to multiple skiing areas. Users can top up their Skiioo ticket online with credits, saving time waiting in long queues. And those who ski often can sign up for the attractive bonus programme.

Terria Mobile makes managing apps easier
Terria Mobile has invented a system that increases the efficiency of developing, launching, updating and managing apps. For example, design updates and new functionality features can be added to all selected devices immediately, without users having to download a new version from the App Store. In addition, data on app usage and the associated devices can be collected and analysed.

Tooxme - the safe, low-cost way to get from A to B
The Tooxme app displays in real time the closest options available for catching a lift. Anyone who signs up and offers space in their car as a Tooxme driver receives compensation, even if no passenger joins them. Drivers and passengers of each car share the petrol costs. The app provides information on the driver as well as reviews from previous passengers. Tooxme won the public's vote and will take part in the exclusive Minds100 event of the Swiss Innovation Forum.

Systematic surveillance – Upicto
Upicto has developed a program that analyses surveillance systems. The software automatically recognises typical patterns in the recording and reports any deviations. It can be used in recording mode or real-time mode. The video material is shortened to the most relevant scenes.

In Silicon Valley, the young Swiss entrepreneurs will be able to network and swap information with successful international start-ups, venture capitalists and experts. Specially designed workshops will help them glean knowledge and expertise from established representatives of the sector.

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