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With its first product Gnubiotics aims to improve pets’ gut health

12.04.2019 14:42

More than half of all pets are overweight. And a third of all visits to the pet vet are due to digestive problems. With the launch of its first product called GNU100, the first microbiome specialty ingredient for companion animal gut health, a Swiss start-up has now a solution for this situation.  

Low price and convenience has driven the growth of grain based dry food for companion animals which has negatively affected pets’ health. Gnubiotics’ first compound, integrated into new pet food recipes, will help rebalance pets’ microbiota naturally to improve gut health. Influencing the gastrointestinal microbiome to restore gut equilibrium and health through natural compounds is increasingly viewed as the most sustainable treatment for digestive disorders. A healthy microbiota, can support important nutrients absorption and help build immunity. It is equally important for humans and animals.

Thanks to its high diversity composition in active ingredients, Gnubiotics can selectively influence the microbiota. The selective microbiota effect is supported by in vitro studies and biomarkers measurement in healthy animals.

This week, the first product – GNU100 – was launched globally. Gnubiotics announced its listing in the EU Feed Materials Register and commercial launch of its first-in class microbiome modulating prebiotic GNU100, for companion animal gut health. Gnubiotics’ GNU100 MAC (microbiota accessible carbohydrates ) is registered in Europe as an oligosaccharide-peptide complex with the objective to enhance microbiota restoration. As a result of its activity on specific commensals in the microbiome, GNU100 will also be studied to act as a weight control modulator.

GNU100 comprises of at least 30 different oligosaccharide structures that are functional mimics of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs). HMOs are oligosaccharides found naturally in animal and human breast milk and are key to the early development and maintenance of the immune system. “The global launch of GNU100 marks a milestone in our commitment to bringing the benefits of our pipeline of functional HMO mimics to companion animals” said JP Kunz, CEO at Gnubiotics.

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