8 impact ventures for the first Hatch CoLab Demoday

04.04.2019 08:23
The first Hatch CoLab Demo Day was held on March 28th at the Club Suisse de la Presse in Geneva. On this occasion, the first batch of 8 impact ventures was presented to the public.

Hatch CoLab empowers entrepreneurs to build Impact Ventures that solve Humanity’s Grand Challenges and drive sustainable change by pioneering a new approach to incubation and acceleration services for entrepreneurs looking to build and scale social ventures. Driven by its desire to be a positive force in the world, Hatch provide early-stage support, access to networks, and individualized coaching to grow impact ventures. 

Last Thursday, 8 Hatch CoLab fellows, coming from Switzerland, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Nigeria and US, took the stage to pitch and showcase their ventures and organizations to an audience of 100+ Impact Investors, NGOs, UN Organisations, Foundations, Corporates, Associations and more. After 5 months of work, the entrepreneurs returned to Geneva once again to present their achievements.

Arcadia (Switzerland) 

Refugees arriving in Europe are routinely denied access to basic financial services traditionally provided by banks due to their inability to produce official proof of residence or ID. Arcadia’s blockchain software enables NGOs to offer peer-to-peer financial services to refugees without requiring partnerships with financial institutions or navigating of cumbersome regulatory landscapes.

With Arcadia, NGOs and aid organizations can give refugees access to the local economy. And in establishing economic relationships with their host communities as equals, refugees become valued contributing members of a society where they can feel welcome and embraced.

The fair traveller (Switzerland)

The fair traveller is a non-profit organization that is promoting sustainable travelling in three ways: empowering #fairspots, filming #fairpractices and organizing #faircrawls.

#faircrawls are events where The fair traveler visit #fairspots that have been added by its community on the platform www.thefairtraveller.org.

#fairspots are places whose owners engage in making their natural and local environment better, it is a crowdsourced platform and everyone is invited to add their own #fairspot, while explaining why they consider them to be one.

#fairpractice videos of sustainable engagements  are filmed during #faircrawls and you can find them on our YouTube library 

URIDU (Germany)

URIDU is a German NGO that is providing illiterate rural women with vital knowledge. 

Sela (Nigeria)

Sela is a platform that enables transparent execution and measurement for sustainable development projects. Sela is eliminating traditional barriers of entry for capital into the emerging world. Sela introduces trust and transparency into transactions by tracking resource flows and measuring impact for development projects.


LOVE FOR LIFE is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating conscious, sustainable change to empower people and to protect nature. The impact venture does this through its three spheres of action: It elevates consciousness, it takes direct action and it transforms systems.

The ECO Coin (Netherlands)

The ECO coin is a new currency that is earned through sustainable actions. This is a new way to track, measure and reward sustainability so that now you can do good and get paid.

Project Access (UK)

Project Access is award-winning charity-startup fighting inequality in admissions to top-universities. 

Ellipsis (UK)

Ellipsis Environmental is an impact venture using drone, artificial intelligence and expertise to provide an end-to-end service for monitoring material pollution around the world.    

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