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Ligentec SA receives best platform award

17.04.2018 08:55
photonic integration platform

During the PIC international conference, seven award categories of the PIC Awards were bestowed on the best companies and individuals. The category «PIC Platforms award» went to the Lausanne startup Ligentec offering planar photonic integrated circuits.

Established in 2016 as a spinoff of the EPFL, Ligentec (Light generating technologies) is developing a silicon nitride platform targeted at photonic applications using integrated photonic chips with thickness above 600nm, maintaining very low waveguide propagation loss. Silicon nitride PICs offer the advantage to integrate and miniaturize bulk optics as well as fiber optics components onto a planar chip of the size of a fingertip. With this technology, the startup can bring an optical circuit designed by its customer to a PIC that can be four times smaller than standard thin film silicon nitride PICs.

This solution is applicable in areas such as coherent telecommunication, filters, integrated quantum photonics, high Q-filters, supercontinuum generation, pulse generation, spectroscopy, bio-sensing and microwave photonics. With its silicon nitride chips, Ligentec also enables products based on integrated photonics for fabless companies and research institutions to work with silicon nitride.

This year Ligentec participated in the second edition of the Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) award held as part of the three day PIC International Conference. With its seven award categories, the PIC Awards recognises and highlights key industry achievements in advancing photonic integration through platform development, manufacturing, design, packaging and device characterisation.

Ligentec won the category «PIC Platforms award», which recognises advances in the development and application of key materials systems driving today’s photonic integrated circuits and providing a stepping stone to future devices.


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