Bilan: 50 Startups to invest in

09.04.2018 17:30

The Swiss Romande business magazine, Bilan has announced the «50 Swiss Startups to invest in» in its sixth edition published in February. Bilan is now featuring the startups on its online magazine website.

Out of 141 submitted entries, the jury selected 50 startups, 98 percent of which are new to the Bilan selection, with the most promising business plans and the most innovative technologies. The selected startups stem from all-over Switzerland and cover the most important high-tech industries, from Artificial Intelligence to Cleantech.

This year, the startups are looking for almost a quarter billion Swiss francs in investments, which is an unexpectedly high amount. Advertima – with 20 million Swiss francs – is asking for the highest investment. Other startups looking for a double-digit million sum include Reminisciences (CHF17m), Elthera (CHF15.2m), Astrocast, Stalicla and Deadalean with (CHF15m), CVproof (CHF13m), Novostia (CHF10.5m), and Phi Pharma, BlockFactory and Capnovum (CHF10m). Surprisingly: many Fintech-startups are not currently looking for traditional capital; instead, they hope to be financed through ICOs.

Another pleasing finding of this year’s selection is that the presence of women in the Swiss founding scene is slowly but steadily increasing. This time around 12 startups have women as founders or co-founders.

(SOK/ Bilan)

(Picture: Pixabay)

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