DEPsys enters global energy startup accelerator program Free Electrons

25.04.2017 11:28
Renewable Energy

The Vaud-based startup DEPsys, offering an energy optimisation platform, has entered the global energy startup accelerator program Free Electrons. Through the program, DEPsys has the opportunity to work with eight of the most influential utilities in the world and deploy its GridEye solution in very different global environments.

Free Electrons is a global energy startup accelerator program that connects the world’s most promising startups with leading utility companies. Out of the 450 submitted entries from across 51 countries, 11 startups including one Swiss startup DEPsys, succeeded in entering the program. The selected startups will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in regional ecosystems delivered through three uniquely structured week-long modules in Silicon Valley, Lisbon, Dublin, and Singapore together with eight international utilities. The program is co-organized by swissnex San Francisco.

“We are thrilled with the final selection of companies - especially the geographic scope of the startups participating, ranging from India, Israel to Switzerland and the USA, demonstrating the global reach of the Free Electrons consortium”, Hendrik Tiesinga, Program Manager of Free Electrons.

The 2012 established startup, DEPsys aims to solve the energy challenges of the future. In that perspective, the selection for the Free Electrons program is an important milestone in its development. Its core strengths are a very strong team, a solid business plan and a rigorous and professional business structure. Undoubtedly, they act in a very important and promising market. With Free Electrons, DEPsys has a unique opportunity to bring its know-how and its solutions in front of some of the biggest utilities. Together, they will shape solutions for the future of energy.

The selected startups, from different energy sectors, such as grid operations, renewable energy, electric vehicles and home energy management, will engage in structured workshops and conversations with utilities where they will deep dive into challenges, technology, and pilots, as well as speed-dating activities with investors, mini-leadership retreats, and networking events. This is a great opportunity to grow internationally and gain the visibility it takes to develop into a successful global company.

“We are delighted to be part of this great adventure. After several years of dedicated work, this is where things take off. Through this program, DEPsys has the opportunity to work with eight of the most influential utilities in the world and deploy its GridEye solution in very different global environments.” – Michael De Vivo, CEO of DEPsys

About DEPsys
DEPsys is an energy startup based in Yverdon-les-Bains. The startup developed, GridEye, a network optimization platform, measuring, monitoring and controlling the low-voltage grid for an efficient integration of renewable energy sources at decentralized injection points. This is particularly important in presence of decentralized production from renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic systems, and high loads, such as electric vehicles. The real-time measurement and control solution monitors and stabilizes the network. Moreover, it optimizes power flows to increase energy efficiency and it helps operators with network planning, asset management, and energy scheduling.

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