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Urban Farmers receives a loan guarantee

29.04.2016 08:22

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The Zurich based start up, Urban Farmers, a start-up that transforms rooftops into vegetable patches, has received a loan guarantee from the Swiss Technology Fund, a climate policy instrument of the Swiss Confederation in the jurisdiction of the Federal Office for the Environment, to expand this innovation and implement future plans.

Urban Farmers is a system integrator of commercialized Aquaponics (AP) systems on rooftops in urban environments. AP provides an innovative approach to raise fish and grow plants without using arable land. Fish waste gets recirculated into productive hydroponic growing which lowers plants’ need for additional fertilizer. Within controlled environment greenhouses, the AP systems can be managed without pesticides or herbicides using only organic pest control. Roman Gaus, CEO of Urban Farmers AG is optimistic about the future because the granted loan guarantee will be used to realize planned national and international projects.

Simone Riedel Riley, Managing Director of the Technology Fund, is convinced by the company’s innovative gardening solution: „Beside the direct ecological impact, Urban Farmers AG is the first commercial Aquaponics systems provider in Europe that fulfils the emerging need for fresh, local and sustainable food with its production method.”

About UrbanFarmers AG
UrbanFarmers is a spin-off of the Institute of Environment and Natural Resources (IUNR) at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). The startup offers cost-effective and sustainable solutions for complete commercialization of Aquaponics systems on roofs in an urban environment, which are supported by a dedicated control system. The system minimizes the use of resources for the production of fish and vegetables.

About Technology Fund
The Technology Fund is a climate policy instrument of the Swiss Confederation in the jurisdiction of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). The loan guarantees are granted to Swiss SMEs that develop and commercialize innovative technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the efficient use of electrical energy, to promote renewable energy or conservation of natural resources.  Startups can apply for a loan guarantee of up to CHF 3 million using the application forms provided online.

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