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Topadur closes oversubscribed Series A round

11.04.2016 10:23
Topadur team

Topadur, a biotech start-up focusing on new treatments for diabetic foot ulcer, chronic wounds and scars and keloids, raised CHF2.2 million in a Series A financing round. In addition, Topadur secured financial support for a CTI and a Eurostars project.

Investors of the financing round include business angels and a cantonal bank. Topadur CEO Reto Naef told startupticker that the start-up will receive financial support of CHF 1.2 million for a CTI and a Eurostars project, too. “The funds from the financing round and the grants will allow us to move the development of our unique drug candidates a huge step further forward”, told Naef startupticker.

Topadur develops special medication for the treatment of severe wounds including diabetic foot ulcer and chronic wounds as well as scar and keloid addressing a clear medical need. Diabetic foot ulcer and chronic wounds are the leading cause of hospitalizations in diabetes. They are responsible for a higher risk of amputation and a huge burden to patients and payors causing annual costs of more than € 10 billion.

The Topadur team (picture above) wants to improve patients’ quality of life with its unique development candidates. The start-up’s lead R&D programs are locally active, highly potent and dual mode of action drugs with higher than average clinical success chances.

Rooting in from TOPADUR GmbH (formed in 2010), TOPADUR PHARMA AG is built on a leadership team which integrates significant experience and broad knowledge covering all aspects of Pharmaceutical Drug Development with specific scientific and managerial expertise to guide a promising medical entity to the market. Each of the members was actively involved and contributing to one or more major products on the current pharmaceutical market.

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