Sentifi and Knip receive Swiss Fintech Award

01.04.2016 13:19

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Swiss Fintech Award

Four finalists pitched yesterday at the conference Fintech 2016. The award night at the Dolder Grand gave the audience a surprise. Instead of one winner the jury had selected two start-ups: Sentifi and Knip.

An international jury of 22 people has decided, that Sentifi and the insurance broker Knip are the most innovative and leading FinTech startups in Switzerland this year. The two companies get a price of 36,000 Swiss francs together and an invitation to “Accenture’s Fin Tech Innovation Lab“ in London, which brings together the leading FinTech companies in Europe.

Sentifi helps asset managers, analysts, brokers, investor relation managers, self-directed investors and journalists to find the quickest, reliable and most comprehensive global overview about events and market attention affecting financial assets and listed companies. Sentifi’s unique approach is to structure unstructured financial data from news, blogs and social media, identify and rank the sources for their relevance and apply self-learning algorithms and a financial expert system to extract insights from the content. The results are based on 2.6 million sources. Sentifi presents the results graphically in widgets, which are viewed more than 30 million times per month. In 2018, these numbers are expected to increase to 100 million sources and 250 million page impressions. Founded in 2012, Sentifi today employes more than 70 highly educated people.

Knip, an innovative digital Insurance Manager that allows its users easily to understand tariffs and services of insurance companies. In addition, the app automatically recognizes individual saving spots and offers them options necessary to optimize the insurance benefits. Knip has already 10’000 customers in Germany and 10’000 customers in Switzerland and is market leader. The start-up has around 100 employees and closed the largest fintech financing round ever in Switzerland last year.

The other two finalists of the award were Qumram and Advanon.

Image: Swiss Fintech Award, Iris C. Ritter


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