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PB&B raises CHF 2 million

20.04.2016 16:35

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The Lausanne based MedTech startup, PB&B, focusing on making Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery procedures natural and minimally invasive, today announced that it has raised CHF 2 million from a strategic investor.

PB&B is an active player in the field of medical aesthetics. Today Anthony Aho, CEO and co-founder of PB&B, informed Startupticker that the company has raised 2 million Swiss Francs. “It is an equity investment of a single strategic investor”, explained Aho.

The funds will be used to fund on-going R&D testing and development, in the view of launching a first clinical study by Q2-2017. Since 2014, pre-clinical studies have been conducted in collaboration with scientists and doctors from EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) and HUG (University Hospitals of Geneva) and with the support from CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation).

The company has positioned itself as a novel remodeling injection in the market of fillers and fat transfer procedures, through implementation of a market entry strategy directed towards anti-aging and facial rejuvenation of the mid-facial area. The “PB&B Technology” uses biodegradable microspheres that are loaded with lipids and later injected into the skin in a controlled manner to increase the volume of fat tissues. As a result, the process directs the patient's own tissues to naturally rejuvenate the face and diminish any wrinkles for a period of up to 20 months on average; longer than with any dermal filler.

About PB&B
PB&B was founded in 2013 in Ecublens, Lausanne by a group of bioengineers who are working together with Swiss academic institutes and doctors to develop their technology and products. Their passion for Aesthetics has enabled them to win a number of awards including Venture Kick, HUG Innovation Trophy 2014 and they have also been nominated in several others internationally.


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