Go Beyond members’ portfolio returns reach 25% annualized return with new exit

16.04.2015 16:29

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With the March 17, 2015 sale of the Swiss company Lemoptix SA to the U.S.-based Intel, Go Beyond Investing (GBI) members scored a second exit in less than a year. In August of 2014, members had achieved high returns with the sale of Swiss based Sensima Technology to California-based Monolithic Power Systems.

Since 2009, the GBI community of investors has provided Lemoptix with four rounds of financing, after recognizing the potential of its patented technology, whose applications range from automotive head up displays (HUD), to embedded projectors in smartphones, and low power wearable displays and 3D sensing.

“Because of its large financial and global reach, Go Beyond was able to invest in all four rounds and support Lemoptix to its exit,” says Balz Roth, Go Beyond Deal Leader and Lemoptix board member. With the new exit Go Beyond members’ portfolio returns reach 25% weighted average annualized return.

Brigitte Baumann, GBI’s CEO notes, that one of the keys to the platform’s profitable investments and successful exit strategies lies in its expertise as well as diversity of its members. “We have small and large investors with 25 nationalities; having a global reach makes a big difference,” she says.

About Go Beyond:
Go Beyond Investing enables novice and experienced, small and large investors to access angel investing as an asset class through its unique platform, tools, training and expert angels.

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