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Flatev raised additional USD3 million

17.04.2015 12:32

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In a blog post flatev announced that the start-up has closed another financing round. Proceeds will be used to enter the US market next year.

Flatev is expanding on the global trend of offering individual portions in capsules or cups. Its revolutionary preparation system allows for the quick and effortless preparation of tortillas and other flatbreads. The preparation system starts with a fully automatic tortilla machine and the corresponding dough-capsules, which enable anyone to make a wide variety of traditional fresh tortillas in an easy and fun way.

The machine can already be pre-ordered on the website of the start-up. In 2015, flatev will finalize the hardware and design of the machine, build its office and team in New York, and prepare for the market entry in the US next year. In the United States, tortillas are consumed more than any type of bread. The tortilla market is estimated at $12 billion today with a 10% annual growth. That’s a huge market to tackle.

Flatev has now achieved an important milestone. This week the company announced on its blog that it has raised an additional $3M to break into U.S. markets. More news about flatev can be found on their blog.

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