Eight start-ups selected for next SICTIC Investor Day

30.04.2015 10:08

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Eight ICT startups have been selected to present at SICTIC Investor Day on May 11th at Debiopharm in Lausanne. The event is open to anyone interested in ICT start-ups. 

The jury comprised of Pierre Bordry (Capital Proximité), Alexandre Peyraud (aleCent), Pierre-Jean Wipff (Innovaud) and Sal Matteis (entrepreneur and investor) have selected the 8 startups that will have the opportunity to pitch on May 11th in Lausanne: 

  • PodioBox (http://www.podiobox.com), Lausanne: Interactive conference system revolutionizing the way to deploy presentations.
  • SThAR (http://www.sthar.com), Lausanne: Predicting human behavior for smart geomarketing
  • myDNA, Geneva: Making personalized healthcare a reality with genetic diagnostics solutions.
  • Xsensio (http://www.xsensio.com), Lausanne: Xsensio develops next-generation wearable devices that track biochemical information non-invasively.
  • Obviz (http://www.obviz.com), Lausanne: Increase user retention and engagement for media producers using artificial intelligence.
  • PrYv (http://www.pryv.com), Lausanne: Pryv empowers Medtech SMEs to accelerate their business with reduced time to market and IT expenses
  • Tawipay (http://www.tawipay.com), Lausanne: The global hub for international money transfers
  • Gookers (http://www.gookers.ch), Lausanne: Connect on Gookers and find ready-meals available now around you.

The event is open to anyone interested in ICT start-ups and will take place at Debiopharm Headquarters in Lausanne on May 11th 2014, at 17:00.

Deadline to register: Friday 8th of May 2015, at 19:00. Registration: http://www.amiando.com/SICTICLAU.html

The website www.sictic.ch provides additional information on the event.

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