A business angel invests CHF 1 million in DAHU

22.04.2015 13:30

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Three years after its creation, DAHU Sports Company Ltd has its growth ensured. Thanks to a CHF 1 Mio investment from a Dutch business angel, the company from Fribourg (CH) projects itself into the future while preparing the 2015/16 winter season’s production.

Since its remarkable introduction on the market in November 2013, DAHU Sports Company Ltd has been considered as the only true innovation in the ski boots market for the last forty years. Composed of a soft boot and an independent exoskeleton, the DAHU ski boot combines performance and comfort and allows skiers to enjoy their winter sports days with one and only pair of ski boots. It is now possible to drive, walk, snowshoe or simply enjoy après-ski without even taking one’s ski boots off.

After a second successful year, DAHU conquered the public and also the mountain’s professionals. Convinced by both technical and practical aspects of such an equipment, several alpine skiing coaches, sports clubs, technical FIS directors as well as many ski instructors and lift’s employees have adopted DAHU Ski Boots on a daily basis as a working tool.

The future looks highly promising for DAHU Sports Company Ltd, thanks to the CHF 1 Mio investment from a former manager at Glencore, an Anglo-Swiss multinational commodity trading and mining company. Convinced by DAHU’s potential and willing to participate to a ski world revolution, the Dutch business angel allows strengthening DAHU through this investment, which is a major milestone in the development of the Swiss company.

This important stage determines DAHU Sports Company Ltd to project itself into the future and as a result, to conduct a third fundraising. The relevance of such an initiative is to allow the company to open itself on essential markets such as North America and Asia, with Japan, South Korea and China in mind. This expansion will permit DAHU to definitely implant itself into the landscape of big sport brands and to pursue its revolution.

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