Xovis can now measure waiting of passengers in unstructured situations

03.04.2014 09:29

With the new Check-in application for the Xovis PTS Suite it is possible to measure any waiting even in unstructured and dynamic queuing situations. Based on the tracking with Xovis sensors the outstanding and patented Xovis queue detection will check the scene for any dynamic queue and will allocated each queue to the according check-in desk.

The new Check-in application uses the Xovis PTS to track every individual passenger in the full Check-in area. The waiting area is covered with PT2 and PT3 3D stereo vision sensors installed on the ceiling. The sensors provide the input for the Xovis queue detection. Since the number of queues and their position in  the Check-in area is not fixed and therefore not  known in the beginning, these advanced queue detection  algorithms are used to detect all queues in the  waiting area. The queues are detected even if  Check-in has not started yet. Separate waiting times  can be generated including the total waiting time or only the waiting time after the Check-in process has  started. Queue length, actual and predictive waiting  times as well as number of passengers processed  are measured for each queue.

Desk allocation
When a Check-in process starts, the passengers  from the respective queue are walking to the  individual Check-in desks. Since they are tracked,  the queue can now be allocated to the desks that  are used for the Check-in process. All data is thus  stored per desk, including queue ID, queue length  and waiting times. A daily desk allocation view is  available, that can be compared to the planned  desk allocation. This can be used to detect  allocated but partly not used desks, which can be  a reason for long waiting times. When clicking on  a specific Check-in process in the desk allocation  view, the respective waiting time is shown.

Live dashboard
The live dashboard is the eye catcher of the Check- in application. The full Check-in area is shown, with  each passenger visualized as a moving bubble.  The individual queues have separate colors,  which gives an immediate overview of the current  queuing situation in the Check-in area. Below  the tracking visualization, all queues are listed  with their relevant parameters. This includes the  allocated desks, the queue length, the waiting time  and the outflow. As a special feature, two freely  definable percentile KPI’s with a combined queue  status field are shown.    There is a separate list for  queues that have not been allocated to any desk by  now, meaning that Check-in has not started yet.   

Historical data analysis
The data of each desk is stored in the database and can be analyzed and exported in the data analyzer of the Xovis Suite. The daily desk allocation view can be combined with the planning data and the measured waiting times can be assigned to flight numbers. Based on this data, the airport can generate performance reports for the airlines and the ground handlers. An additional helpful feature of the Xovis Suite is the playback view. The bubble stream including the visualization of the detected queues is stored and can be played back at different speeds. Exceptional situations can be analyzed and lining setups or desk allocations can be optimized. 

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