Three companies awarded with the CTI start-up label

10.04.2014 15:06

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Three new CTI Start-up Label companies were selected yesterday by the Certification Board: cleantech company Gr3n, nanomaterials supplier INOFEA and IT start-up milliPay.

A lot of Swiss start-ups with amazing products are not very well known because they have B2B business models. The three start-ups that were awarded the CTI Start-up label yesterday are a good example.

PET is the second most widely used plastic on a global basis. Mechanical recycling is the sole process currently used to convert PET waste, but unfortunately this process has a major drawback: the material degrades every cycle and cannot be used when optical requirements of the polymer are high or manufacturing processes requires a high degree of purity, thus limiting material life cycle. Gr3n developed the first chemical recycling process that works at an industrial scale and can close the PET cycle. The core  technology is called DEMETO (DEpolymerization by Microwave TechnolOgy), a patented technology, able to depolymerise continuously, a wide range of PET products (e.g. colour bottles, food containers, polyester textile) and collect the monomers of virgin PET. In addition Gr3n designs a plant that requires only water and energy to work. The auxiliary chemicals needed for the reaction are in situ produced from by-products.

INOFEA is a Swiss high-tech spin-off based in Basel and active in the design, production, and business development of innovative nanomaterials. These nanomaterials exhibit remarkable recognition properties and can easily be embedded in high-value industrial applications and products. Various industries are faced with the challenge of detecting, transforming, recovering and removing specific compounds from different fluids, and are lacking simple, cost-efficient, and fast methods to do so. Wether to remove lactose from milk, bisphenolA from wastewater, detect viruses in water, or transform lignin into valuable products, INOFEA's technology provides the industry with recyclable solutions exhibiting remarkable efficiency.

MilliPay is a service provider for micropayment-systems. The milliPay payment system can be utilised anywhere on the internet. Existing websites can be equipped with milliPay One-Click-Pay links; no modifications to the CMS are necessary. Additionally, the milliPay system can be integrated into any game or any online application. An innovative encryption method guarantees payment and protects user data. Micro-sums are also transferred in real time securely and anonymously. Because customers can pay easily and safely with one click and don’t have to leave the website milliPay helps reduce checkout abandonment rates. 

CTI Start-up enables creative entrepreneurs to realize their innovative business ideas quickly and professionally. Through a three-phase, firmly guided process lasting 6 to 24 months, a dedicated expert will help the venture’s project evolve sufficiently to apply for the CTI Start-up Label. The Start-up Label is a seal of quality, a certificate of achievement, and a sign of credibility and readiness for sustainable growth. It is awarded by the CTI Certification Board that is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts.

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