FemtoTools is one of the most influential companies in the global robotics industry

24.04.2014 08:00

FemtoTools AG has been elected to the 2014 Robotics Business Review Top 50 list (RBR50) of most influential companies in the global robotics industry. FemtoTools was voted to the RBR50 based on its innovation, groundbreaking application and commercial success.

The RBR50 is a list of the most notable public and private companies in the global robotics industry. The RBR editorial team and an advisory council select the RBR50 based on factors such as innovation, groundbreaking application, commercial success and commercial potential with an eye towards representing many different levels and facets of the robotics industry ecosystem. The list is dynamic with companies entering and leaving on an annual basis.

Companies on the list are for example ABB, Bosch, Google, Siemens or Swisslog. But also one young company from Switzerland is on the list: FemtoTools. FemtoTools is a high-tech start-up that offers award-winning, ultra high-precision instruments for mechanical testing and robotic handling in the micro- and nanodomains. This new generation of instruments meets the challenging requirements of semiconductor technology, microsystem development, materials science, micromedicine and biotechnology. FemtoTools’ microrobotic handling and measurement instruments feature highly sensitive microforce sensing probes and force sensing microgrippers that are the result of a specially developed microelectromechanical system (MEMS)-based manufacturing process.

FemtoTools’ easy-to-use microrobotic handling and measurement instruments have exceeded customer’s expectations and create exciting new possibilities, as demonstrated by numerous recent scientific advancements that have used our instruments.

Being selected for the RBR50 will help the start-up to achieve international recognition. The RBR editorial team tracks the RBR50 members throughout the year, keeps in touch with how the marketplace views their progress, what analysts, partners or customers are reporting; how their technology is seen by fellow roboticists and others in the high-tech and business communities.

In addition, the team writes profiles, articles and news stories about the RBR50 companies, their products, their applications and their management.

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