Five companies awarded the CTI Start-up label

10.04.2013 15:48

Four med-tech companies and one IT start-up were awarded the CTI Start-up label yesterday: Agilentia, Amphasys, KB Medical, M3AT and THELKIN.

Med-tech companies are an important part of the Swiss start-up scene. So it doesn’t come by surprise that four out of the five new CTI Start-up companies are from the med-tech industry. However the four start-ups demonstrate how different companies from this industry can be.

The start-ups in alphabetical order:

The product of Agilentia from Zurich, called Sherpany, allows fast, secure and efficient communication between company, board and shareholders. It is an efficient tool to win the majority of shareholders during decision-making process before the day of the AGM. Sherpany is already used by several big companies like Zurich Insurance Group, Nobel Biocare, Swiss Re, Swiss Life und Adecco.

Amphasys from Lucerne focuses on developing and marketing a novel, chip-based single cell analysis technology. It’s a platform technology which can be used for very different application fields. Before entering bigger markets Amphasys was already able to sell tools to the scientific market.

The number of surgical procedures being performed on the spine is increasing, but they are a risky undertaking due to the nervous system. Such operations require absolute precision. KB Medical, a spin-off company of EPF Lausanne, developed an operation robot for surgeons to use to place spinal screws exactly where they belong.

Founded in June 2009, M3AT’s mission is to give people the power to pass urine in a safe, discreet and convinient way at any given time 24/7. M3AT’s primary aim is to become the number one choice in urine management. M3AT is a privately held company and is headquartered in Botterens, Switzerland. M3AT’s product Urocomfor is a revolutionary Urine Management System with a «free flow» anti-reflux valve that allows men, women and children of all ages to pass urine discretely and comfortably in all circumstances while lying down.

THELKIN, based in Winterthur, offers test systems and simulators for the mechanical characterization of various products, components and their materials. Its actuator technology is fully electric - compared to traditional hydraulic or pneumatic actuators - thus low in maintenance, energy efficient, quiet and clean. Testing applications in the orthopedics, microelectronics, plastics and many more industries can be well addressed.

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