Zürich Area, Switzerland

Artificial Intelligence, Hedge Fund, Machine Learning, Venture Capital, venture investment, B2B2C


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Technical Cofounder

Disrupt the investment world with a professional, diverse and techie team in Zurich, Switzerland!

We're building AI tools for venture investors to make faster smarter investments, and startups to fundraiser easier. You'll lead the development of our investor platform and program to screen startups for investors, and help startup companies raise funding.

In addition to making the investment world better, you'll be in for equity, salary, tokens, platinum networks and authorship of worldwide patents as well as academic publishing!

Project description

We're building AI tools to help venture investors make faster and smarter venture investments, in the fintech accelerator of SIX (Swiss stock exchange and banking group), F10, and will work with SIX Venture Fund on a pilot program. We're also the semi-finalist of Techstars Blockchain in NYC.

Our first machine learning prototype predicts exit and death of a company, we trained it with data from more than 700K companies.

We are currently building a MVP platform which helps investors screen startups more efficiently, improving deal flow and in turn, helps fundraising for startup companies.

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