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We are a 3rd-year Business Administration and an already-graduated in BA working on this project. Our startup entered the semifinals of BoldBrain (we were selected in the first 20 among the 100 starting), furthermore we are supported by Startup Garage (empowered by SUPSI), and we are reaching an agreement with the incubator CP Startup Ticino. Here you can find the interview on the magazine 20 Minutes http://bit.ly/20minuti-intervista-fcomin , and here the live interview broadcasted by RSILA1 http://bit.ly/rsila1-interview-jumparu. We have an almost ready-to-go Beta version, but we are looking for a full-time cofounder programmer able to code with Ionic Framework and Typescript (front-end) and Ruby on Rails (back-end). Our second option is to hire one 50% front-end app developer and one 50% back-end developer. Additional info: 1) we are working on a crowdfunding campaign; 2) we are negotiating with commercial partners; 3) we already have an agreement with an international insurance for deliveries, once we will officially launch our final app

Project description

THE PROBLEM In today’s world, individuals are becoming increasingly more dependent on convenience and speed. Customers want products that can be delivered easily and without waiting; however, same-day shipment and bulky items delivery services are highly expensive in Switzerland. This isn’t a fictive problem, but a real one as you can see from the wordcloud in attachment 5 (based on a survey with over 370 responders, of which 320 are Swiss residents) about the consumer perception towards delivery services. See attachment 12 (full survey) for deeper insights.

WHAT IS JUMPARU ABOUT Jumparu is an online multi-sided crowdshipping platform (app & website) connecting senders with deliverers. Anyone (students, businessmen, unemployed and so forth) can participate in Jumparu’s movement and become a user. After the registration, our users can decide to become either senders, carriers or both: the choice depends, of course, on your goals and needs. The business concept behind this idea is to create a shipping system that is easily accessible, affordable, fast and flexible for both consumers and businesses, empowered by the society.

USERS Since it's a multi-sided platform, we have two types of users:

senders: people, mostly under 35 years of age, willing to send items for low cost; brick & mortar commercial enterprises willing to offer new solutions to their customers carriers: open-minded commuters, especially travelling by car; companies often using vans or trucks for their daily work routine
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