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CTO for AI/Food Tech Startup in Germany

To create a sophisticated software architecture for a scalable solution, we are now looking for a software developer as co-founder and CTO of Mitakus!

We developed an AI algorithm in Python, which can predict the number of guests, revenue, and each dish and product individually. Also, we developed a recommendation system to propose alternative menus for gastronomes and maximize their revenue and guest satisfaction. We already have a software prototype, a dashboard to show results and offer a login for the customer. Currently, we are in an ongoing pilot project with 3 customers and are talking to others to sign them in February/March 2019.

• First signed pilot customers • Data, prediction model(s), software prototype ready • Team of 3 people (Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Business Development) • Be part of B2B startup from the very beginning • Fair equity participation and co-founder position

Requirements for you:

• Experience in development of scalable SaaS • Strong familiarity back-end development and modern technologies • Reliability, proactive work and personal commitment • Part-time engagement, later full-time. Both possible • UI/UX design expertise helpful, but not required

Project description

On average 50.000€ worth of food are wasted in a German canteen every year. One of the major reasons for this happening is that most chefs still rely on pen & paper, excel sheets and gut-feeling to plan and forecast their menu. Our software can reduce the food waste by min. 50% by providing a demand prediction at the time of planning the menu.

We want to solve that problem by offering them an easy to use web-based forecasting tool. The chef will receive a forecast of daily guests, food servings and revenues based on historical sales and menu data, as well as external factors, like weather, holidays, events.

We want to monetize our product by offering subscription-based packages to owners of mid-sized canteens and procurement managers in big canteens and catering companies. The total package fee depends on the number of guests per day visiting the canteen. We work closely with chefs and owners of canteens.

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