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Want to apply and grow your technical skills to creating a whole new search concept for small and large decisions in people's lives?

Believe that AI is all about augmenting rather than replacing humans, and that it is time to disrupt out-dated thinking around privacy?

Ready to help build a Swiss-made unicorn, and create Europe's answer to the heavyweights of Silicon Valley?

Prefer to work with a founder who has already twice taken a data & analytics startup from idea to successful exit?

If so, then join us on our exciting journey!

It is time to switch from Search to Discovery.

We are an early-stage startup, developing an AI Search Assistant based around a new Conversational Interface concept and a user-centric recommender approach. Probably you are now thinking "oh, another chatbot using a collaborative recommender system" - but nothing could be further from the truth! By combining and taking a very different perspective on elements of machine learning, chatbots/NLP, recommender systems and UI/UX development, we challenge dominant industry thinking and turn existing concepts up-side-down.

A solid concept and vision is currently being turned into a prototype. We'd love to show it to you, and discuss how your participation as co-founder can accelerate the growth and success of this highly ambitious and challenging venture.

Concretely, we are looking for a Technical Cofounder with proven experience in web application development and leading a development team, i.e. someone who is well-positioned to take a CTO role.

We expect a strong educational background in a mathematical-leaning area, material work experience, and a can-do attitude. You must be comfortable with developing new concepts and breaking dominant industry logic, whilst remaining pragmatic and grounded.

To maximise the benefits of team interaction we work from an office space in central Zurich, but working remotely is an option for exceptional candidates.

Serious applications will be treated seriously. Please do provide a brief motivation for applying, and don't forget to include a CV or LinkedIn profile.

Project description

At AI Ventures, we work on building and launching scalable B2C and B2B tech products that utilise advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Currently, our primary focus is on developing an AI Search Assistant based around a new Conversational Interface concept.

We are strongly committed to the open-source model, and Responsible AI.

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