13.10.2017 09:18

Service companies discover startups

More and more companies offer specific services for start-ups. Current examples are two offerings for hardware startups: An industrialization workshop for free by Zühlke and a business trip to the “Silicon Valley of Hardware” in China for startups planning offshore manufacturing organised by And with “Rent a PR” the first PR agency fousing on start-ups was launched recently. 

13.10.2017 09:14

Polyphor starts project for inhaled antibiotic therapy for chronic infections

Polyphor develops an inhaled dosage form of its novel breakthrough antibiotic Murepavadin. To support and accelerate the development, Polyphor will leverage a European program dedicated to the development of inhaled antibiotics, iABC. The project will receive funding from Polyphor and the IMI to develop new, life-saving antibiotic treatments to manage chronic lung infection.

13.10.2017 09:12

Onlineredaktion von Livesystems vor dem Start

Gestartet ist die Berner Livesystems mit Bildschirmen für News und Werbung in Bussen und Bahnen. Damit erreicht man unterdessen 1.5 Millionen Personen in der Schweiz. Nun hat das Unternehmen eine eigene 45-köpfige Redaktion aufgebaut. 


12.10.2017 17:19

Fünf Schweizer Startups im Climate-KIC Accelerator

Der Climate-KIC Accelerator bietet Startups ein 18-monatiges Support-Programm, Zugang zu einem ausgedehnten Netzwerk und finanzielle Unterstützung von bis zu 95‘000 Euro. 21 Startups wurden nun in die erste Stufe aufgenommen, fünf davon kommen aus der Schweiz. 

12.10.2017 16:44

Interprefy’s interpreting platform rolled out globally

Interprefy has developed a cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpreting platform. With the aim of growing in the US market, Interprefy AG has forged a close partnership with InterpreNet, and recently, the first sales office in the States was opened.

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24.10.2017 09:00 - 25.10.2017 18:00

Swiss Startup DAYs 2017 Stade de Suisse


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01.11.2017 18:00 - 21:00

Startup Stammtisch – “Security” with Google Impact Hub Zürich, Colab

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Apply for EC Award 2017

Application for the awards of the ETH Entrepreneurship Club is open until 27 October. Do not miss the deadline.