17.10.2017 13:30

Daimler AG implements beqom’s solution

Swiss startup beqom has been selected by to Daimlar AG to centralize the management its HR compensation processes. beqom’s solution was chosen as the preferred platform due to a need for a more consistent, centralized framework, more modern and efficient approach in managing compensation.

17.10.2017 10:10

Des P’tit Po’Pays sains et locaux pour bébé

Début octobre, P'tit Po'Pays a lancé en Suisse romande le premier service de suivi personnalisé des besoins alimentaires pour bébé. L’entreprise fondée par Yasmine Yao-Bernath, une jeune maman lausannoise dynamique, propose sur abonnement de petits pots faits maison, avec des produits frais, locaux et sains. Ce service innovant créé pour faciliter la vie des parents débordés compte déjà ses premiers clients.

17.10.2017 08:10

I believe in You und CreditGate24 melden 1000 erfolgreiche Projekte

Über I believe in You wurden 1000 erfolgreiche Sportprojekte per Crowdfunding unterstützt. Dieselbe Schwelle erreichte CreditGate24. 1000 Kredite mit einem finanzierten Gesamtkreditvolumen von über CHF 52 Millionen wurden über die Plattform finanziert. 


16.10.2017 16:50

NLS wins prestigious Biotech Innovation Award in Paris

NLS Pharma is the winner of the prestigious 9th Innovation Award as best Biotech company for 2017. Almost 300 firms took part in the event, with NLS Pharma taking 1st place for its advances and cutting-edge progress of the NLS-1 Compound. 

16.10.2017 15:56

From San Francisco to Switzerland

Swissnex San Francisco organises events and accelerator programs for Swiss start-ups. In November an event about the first year and the future of DART 17 will be held in Zurich. Another event - “Rethinking Financial Services (Really)” will be livestreamed to Zurich. And Nico Dunkel, startup manager at the outpost, will attend Swiss Startup Days. 

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24.10.2017 09:00 - 25.10.2017 18:00

Swiss Startup DAYs 2017 Stade de Suisse


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01.11.2017 18:00 - 21:00

Startup Stammtisch – “Security” with Google Impact Hub Zürich, Colab

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