Women in FinTeCH Conference

31.01.2017 13:00 - 19:00
Landesmuseum Zürich

Swiss Finance + Technology Association, invites the public to their event, Women in FinTeCH Conference, whichh is prepared by the working group inside the Association . The conference  aims to highlight presence of women in financial technology and connect the next generation of financial and technology business leaders.

The format and content of the conference are designed to enable female and male leaders to exchange perspectives and articulate on how to transform Switzerland from a “FinTech pitching” stage to “growth stage companies” hub. 

We will focus our discussion on addressing the questions of workplace organizational design and business strategy that would welcome diversity and allow companies to achieve global growth by capturing the female part of client base and workforce as well as design products and services which reflect gender dimensions. Educators play an important role in providing companies with skills and technical knowledge, therefore, we will debate new education models and methods and how they help entrepreneurs build balanced teams. 


13.00 – Guests Arrival

13.45 – Keynote speech from Brigitte Baumann (CEO, Go Beyond Early Stage Investing)

14.00 – Panel discussion “Swiss FinTech: operational transformation to growth and organization design. Diversity agenda in the pocket.”

15.30 – Coffee Break

16.00 – Panel discussion “Education models for the next generation FinTech talent”

17.00 – “How to pace for running a fintech startup - learning from athletes’ coaches” (Get ready to move a bit!)

17.30 – “Diversity in the media” from Spiros Margaris (Global No. 1 FinTech and No. 2 InsurtTech expert by Onalytica)

18.00 – Closing remarks

18.10 – Apéritif



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