Startup Engagement Workshop

26.11.2018 09:00 - 18:00
Josefstrasse 214/6th floor, 8005 Zurich Switzerland

The innovation management has been missing a structured, conscious and strategic approach to Startup Engagement. We are going to fix it and show you how to deal with startups in a meaningful way that adds value to your company.

Why Startup Engagement Workshop?
Startup Engagement is finding its way in the innovation management of established companies. There are many models of startup engagement with different outcomes. The ways established companies approach startup have also evolved significantly in the recent times. Startups can help establish companies to enhance their product portfolio, achieve better economies of scale within the core business, optimize processes as well as potentially explore new future markets.

Your Challenges
1. Evaluation of relevancy of Startup Engagement
2. A strategic approach to Startup Engagement
3. Building a link between core business and Startup Engagement

Key Learnings

  1. An overview of diverse startup engagement models and their recent development as well as their possible advantages and disadvantages
  2. Tools & Methods to structure your startup engagement using Startup Engagement Matrix, Startup Engagement Canvas and Startup Collaboration Grid
    3. Best & worst practices from your like-minded peers with highly qualified feedback and improvement suggestions

Target Group
Innovators and change makers from established corporations and medium-sized business from the following areas Innovation Management, Corporate Strategy & Development, Business Development, Product Development, etc.

INNOVENGERS is a group of acknowledged interdisciplinary innovation experts based in Germany that successfully worked in the past years with multinational corporations and medium-sized businesses on a variety of digital and transformation projects.

Past Participants
Migros, Fraunhofer, Hornbach, PwC, Stadtwerke Gießen, Daimler


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