Start-up Accelerators – Meet the European top league of Start-up Accelerators

30.01.2019 17:30 - 19:30
Kraftwerk Zürich
Kickstart Accelerator, TechFounders, Startupbootcamp, weXelerate, Techstars, Axel Springer APX and Wayra, will present their programs, organizations and experiences.
In order to help startup companies to grow their busi-nesses, Accelerators design sophisticated acceleration programs that help founders and their teams to “get their project to the next level”. This includes (but is not limited to) fine-tuning their strategy, training their teams with regard to management and administrative tasks, further develop their products, and last but not least optimize their position vis-à-vis investors and customers.

Looking at accelerators from the investors’ angle, these organisations do not only work for and with founders, but they also play an im-portant role for start-up investors. The results of the work of accelerators are – for the most part – “ready-to-invest” start-ups and teams that are eager to talk to potential investors.

An event for Swiss investors and start-ups: get introduced to a number of Swiss and non-Swiss accelerators and their programs. We therefore invited Kickstart Accelerator, TechFounders, Startupbootcamp, weXelerate, Techstars, Axel Springer APX and Wayra, to present their programs and organizations to us. We will also discuss their experiences with investors and founders, and we plan to discuss between investors and accelerators the strengths and weaknesses of accelerators and their role in the Euro-pean start-up-ecosystem.

Speakers and their organizations:
 Ruth Armalé, Kickstart Accelerator (Zurich)
 Miki Yokoyama, TechFounders (Munich)
 Lars Buch, Startupbootcamp Digital Health Vertical (Berlin)
 Viktor Penzinger, weXelerate (Vienna)
 Sebastian Campos Groth, Techstars (Berlin)
 Melanie Schröder, Axel Springer APX (Berlin)
 Christian Lindener, Wayra (Munich)


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