SSVAR Spatial computing and mixed reality night

13.02.2019 17:00 - 22:00
Chemin du Vieux-Vésenaz 35 35 Chemin du Vieux-Vésenaz 1222 GENEVE

SSVAR is launching the Innovation Center of Advanced Virtuality (ICAV). This event presents the concept of ICAV to the audience as well as address the topic of spatial computing and mixed reality.

XR and spatial computing haven’t met their public yet in Switzerland. Decision-makers are not informed about the power of these technologies.

SSVAR is launching the ICAV (Innovation Center of Advanced Virtuality):

  • A shared workspace to research and develop Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technology, applications and projects.
  • Renting of high-end equipment, to help them develop their projects with a small budget.
  • Vertical thematic workshops (by sector of activity) for professionals, technical meetings and public events.
  • AR /VR/MR & Spatial computing technologies training center for pros.
  • Schools children initiation to XR.
  • Mentor business creators
  • Location-based XR (Gaming/GYM/CINEMA)

This event is the first of its kind: the very first of a roadshow. Expected attendees should be the CEOs, CIOs, Heads of innovation, Statemen.

  • Talk about the concept of ICAV by showing the kind of technologies we’re promoting.
  • We believe that spatial computing and mixed reality are the next computer platform.
  • Magic Leap, a leader in this field, will show us what they've been up to with their new device, the Magic Leap One
  • We'll present also Microsoft Hololens, and some virtual reality applications with Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear.

The SSVAR ( is an independent Swiss association dedicated to promoting VR/AR/MR and Spatial Computing across the country. It is managed by a team of professionals in VR, AR, MR, creative and technology business incubation, computer vision and artificial intelligence. Now in the third year, the association, has 215 members registered and a large online community. 



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