Horizon 2020 Session - ICT and Digital Security

17.01.2017 11:50 - 13:30
EPFL, CM 1 106

Designed for academic, industry, as well as SME/start-up audience, this session will allow to cover specific programme aspects such as information required for a strong proposal, overall objectives of this programme, evaluation criteria and partner search tools, together with the services that Euresearch offers to support applications. Testimonials from successful applicants, both from business and academia, will also be presented.


  • H2020 for EPFL researchers: engaging in collaborative calls and support from the ReO
    Tristan Piguet, Program Manager, EPFL ReO
  • Businesses in H2020: benefits and financing for companies, best practices and services by Euresearch
    Irina Sakharova Quitt, Euresearch SME Advisor, Lausanne/Vaud
  • Overview of H2020 funding opportunities in ICT and digital security
    Dr. Francesco Kienzle, NCP for FET and ICT
  • Testimonials from successful H2020 applicants from academia and business,
    Prof. Dimitrios Kyritsis, EPFL 
    Gontran Reboud, International business and innovation manager, ViaSat Antenna System SA
  • Overview of EUREKA and Eurostars funding opportunities in ICT
    Colette John-Grant, EUREKA National project coordinator

More information

If you wish to discuss concrete proposal plans with the Swiss ICT National Contact Point Dr. Francesco Kienzle for H2020, or with the Swiss National Contact Point for Eureka Ms. Colette John-Grant, face-to-face meetings can be arranged on January 17, 2017. Please contact Euresearch SME Advisor, Irina Sakharova Quitt at irina.sakharova@euresearch.ch.


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21. November 2017

Digitaltag Schweiz Ganze Schweiz

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Mardi 21 novembre 2017; 17:30-20:00

Crowdfunding, les recettes du succès FER Genève, rue de Saint-Jean 98, Genève



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