Corporate-Startup Partnering for Success

Start date 14 March
FER, Geneva
EPFL Innovation Park created a four half-day workshops with dozens of company executives as speakers, to talk about their best practices and lessons learned from their own experiences.

There will be case studies as well as group discussions. Start-up CEO /CTOs and Corporate innovation managers will have the possibility to work side by side to help each other, to achieve better understanding and to build a powerful business and personal network.

The program consists of 4 afternoons from 13h30 to 17h30 at FER in Geneva on March 14th, 21st, 28th and April 4th, to easily fit into your schedule. Participants who can not attend the 4 consequent workshops can invite a colleague from his team to attend, in order to ensure the continuity and the quality of exchange with other participating companies. 

Day 1 – Thursday March 14th, 2019: Why  — Key benefits & challenges

  • State of the art: overview of various forms of partnering between startups and corporates
  • Key benefits & challenges: real examples of success and failures
  • Understanding each other: comparison of organisations, operating modes and decision processes between startups and corporates

Day 2 – Thursday March 21st, 2019: How — Business partnership & R&D co-development

  • Building relationship supplier <=> customer: how to approach each other

  • Business partnership: leveraging each other’s commercial network

  • R&D co-development: case studies, key issues, tips and limit

Day 3 – Thursday March 28th, 2019: How  — Corporate venture funds, startup acquisition & other forms

  • Corporate venture fund: why and how

  • Startup acquisition by corporates: key issues and tips

  • Other forms of partnerships: startup incubator, acceleration programs


    startup competitions

  • Testimonials from leaders of corporates and startups

Day 4 – Thursday April 4th, 2019: Necessary conditions  — Rules of the game & action plan

  • Necessary conditions for a successful partnership startup <=> corporate: building an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Rules of the game for startups and for corporates

  • Group work: peer-to-peer discussion to improve


    plan of partnering

  • Presentation of your roadmap, get direct feedback from trainers and peers


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