Business Creation ICT

30.01.2019 09:00 - 17:00
Gotham, Avenue d'Ouchy, Lausanne
A five-day intensive course for Startups in ICT. In the "Business Creation" training module, attendees will receive specific answers to their questions.
Are you about to set up your own company or have you recently started a new business? In the "Business Creation" training module, you will receive specific answers to your questions about your ICT startup. This module will also help you to firm up your plans and consolidate your knowledge.

Who can take part?
People who have the firm intention of founding an ICT startup. The basis of the company is a technological, academic or business model-oriented innovation. In addition, there should already be a team that dedicates time to the project. There will be max. 15 participants per course.

ICT-specific Training
Specialist trainers with lots of practical experience and startup coaches provide startups with one-on-one support throughout the course. Business Creation is offered as a sector-specific course for the ICT cluster (online applications, software, etc.).

The workshop will take place on the following days: 30.01.19 / 31.01.19 / 20.02.19 / 21.02.19 / 15.03.19; from 9:00 - 17:00


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venture case Zürich


Venture Kick

05.12.2018; 08:00-17:00

venture kick Zürich

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13.11.2018 14:00 - 11.12.2018 18:00

Fast Track - Board Academy à Genève FER, 98 rue de Saint-Jean, Genève

Montag, 3. Dezember 2018; 18:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Vorbereitung zur Firmengründung startup space, Wiesenstr. 5, Schlieren

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