Ask the entrepreneur n°5: Rollercoaster: the daily life of an entrepreneur

23.05.2018 17:30 - 19:00
EPFL, Route Cantonale 1015 Lausanne

This session will take you through the daily life of entrepreneurs. Mehdi Aminian, founder of Jillion, which was acquired by Dailymotion will share his experience.

This workshop gives attendees the opportunity to discuss specific topics with local entrepreneurs who have been through the same challenges.

In the last session, led by Mehdi Aminian, the following topics will be highlighted.

  • How to manage the ups and downs

  • Inspiration on how to manage your company

Attendees are required to prepare questions on the topic in advance to make the session interactive.


  • 45 minutes insights presentation from the entrepreneur

  • 45 minutes Q&A based on your specific project


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16 - 18 January

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Einführung Buchhaltung

startup space, Wiesenstr. 5, Schlieren

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