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08.09.2017 14:10

Top start-ups create jobs quickly and are also learning in terms of marketing. The prize-giving at the Top 100 Startup Awards and Crypto Valley show how the Swiss start-up scene has developed further.

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The 10 best young companies were on the stage at the prize-giving ceremony of the Swiss Top 100 Startup Awards on Wednesday in Schlieren. They have 416 employees. The fact that the top 10 companies – a maximum of five years old – can employ on average more than 40 employees is a clear sign of the positive development in the Swiss start-up scene.

And it is also learning in terms of publicity. Crypto Valley is enjoying worldwide attention. Here not only the art of marketing has been mastered, but concrete results achieved. The blockchain start-up modum has already carried out paid pilot projects with its supply chain solution and has now been able to collect a double-digit million figure for mass production. And Partners Group, together with inacta, has implemented a blockchain-based document verification solution that improves efficiency. Now, a centre and co-working space for young companies in the Crypto Valley is to be created in Zug with the Genesis Hub.

With the great dynamism of the Swiss scene, it is not surprising that more and more large companies are interested in start-ups. For example, Roche partners with the Baselaunch Accelerator and the property company Swiss Prime Site will also increasingly work with start-ups in the future and at best invest in them.

The interest of large companies in rapidly growing Swiss high-tech companies paid off this week for Amal and Adello. The Geneva biotech start-up Amal announced an investment of CHF8.8 million, with the Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund one of the donors. And adtech company Adello was able to finance growth with Swisscom Ventures.

Despite these success stories, the potential of Swiss start-ups has not yet been exhausted. At Swiss Fintech Day, we discussed what is still inhibiting young companies today and how to eliminate these blocks. 

On 19 September, the Swiss Venture Day will take place in Lausanne. In addition to the Startup Pitches, there will also be one-to-one meetings and keynotes from Andreas Mortensen, Vice President Research at EPFL, and Nicolas Bürer, Managing Director of digitalswitzerland. The 16 start-ups for the pitches have now been selected. More than 130 investors have already registered. 

The Digital Festival takes place in Zurich this coming week. We will be there and at Swiss Venture Day as well. 

Have a good weekend.
Stefan Kyora

Editor in Chief, Startupticker.ch

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