Digital transformation without end

15.03.2019 13:57

Laundry rooms, high blood pressure and a ‘FinTech Influencer of the Year’ – what was happening last week in the community.

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For some it is an indispensable evil, for others a source of small-minded behaviour. Nothing causes more strife in apartment buildings than the laundry room rules. Does it have to be that way? No, says the young Vaud engineer Christophe Haldi, who has developed a management platform for shared laundry rooms, which will soon also be available in German-speaking Switzerland.

An example among many that shows how the digital transformation is changing our lives. Another is Aktiia’s sphygmomanometer, which allows hypertensive patients to measure and monitor their blood pressure with an optical sensor worn on the wrist.

The goal of Biopôle’s Digital Health Hub is to further promote the interplay between sensor technology, big data and smart algorithms in healthcare, and its official opening took place last week.

Innosuisse’s Manufacturing Technologies impetus programme has a similar thrust: the federal government made a contribution of CHF 14 million for the first 27 projects, and CHF 10 million is now available for the second tranche.

Zaphiro Technologies has set itself the task of making our electricity network smart. Now, the Vaud company has announced the completion of a first financing round of CHF 1.5 million.

Further financing rounds of the last few days: biotech company AC BioScience from Vaud has generated CHF 1 million, and Zug crypto company Amun USD 4 million.

No expansion financing took place this week – it is still comparatively rare in this country. However, that could change with the many new funds that have been launched in recent months. We asked Steffen Wagner and Lukas Weber from investiere.ch how the money will change the ecosystem.

The Swiss Entrepreneurs Fund is one of these new vehicles. Patronage of the eponymous foundation was taken over by the then Minister of Economic Affairs, Johann Schneider Ammann. Now the former federal councillor has been honoured by the jury of the Swiss Fintech Awards as ‘FinTech Influencer of the Year’.

Looking ahead, the winners of the Spark Award will be celebrating in the Audimax at ETH Zurich next Tuesday, and Start Summit 2019 starts in St. Gallen on Thursday.
Startupticker will be present at both events – questions and suggestions are always welcome.

Have a relaxing weekend.
Jost Dubacher

Editor startupticker.ch


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