Swiss ICT scene is gaining momentum

12.01.2018 14:45

The number of IT start-ups that are able to assert themselves internationally is growing. This week, a company even received money from well-known Silicon Valley investors.

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The national football teams of several African countries will prepare for the World Championships in the summer with the aid of technology from a Swiss start-up. They will use Fieldwiz, a system made by Vaud company Advanced Sport Instrument that consists of a sensor worn by the player and analysis software. DigitArena is also active in the sporting field: the Valais-based company wants to personalise the television advertising shown at sporting events and has concluded a financing round of CHF700,000.

This week, we also reported on two ICT start-ups in recruitment. Lionstep now wants to tackle the German-speaking markets more closely after major success in Spain, and the platform Skillue hopes its job matching system will simplify and optimise the application and recruitment market for applicants and companies.

This shows the depth of the Swiss ICT start-up scene. And many promising start-ups also have expertise that is in demand internationally, such as the bio-informatics company Quartz Bio, which has become part of the US Precision Medicine Group.

Meanwhile, Swiss founders have been able to attract well-known US investors. For example, venture capitalists from Silicon Valley, including Shasta Ventures, have invested in edtech start-up RosieReality.

What these ICT companies have in common is a strong technological base. These technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality or artificial intelligence, are also the focus of this year’s edition of the Start Summit. The organisers expect about 2,000 participants in St. Gallen in March, and the available space has again been increased by 50%.

Next week, the game festival Ludicious will take place in Zurich. In addition to numerous presentations by international speakers, workshops and a game exhibition, the Swiss Game Awards will also be presented – the finalists are now fixed. The Worldwebforum will also be held in Zurich next week.

The two startupticker brunches will take place at the end of January, at which we will present the Swiss Venture Capital Report. The event will take place on 30 January in Zurich, in cooperation with Seca, and on 31 January in Lausanne, in cooperation with Innovaud. I hope to see you there. 

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Stefan Kyora

Editor in Chief, Startupticker.ch

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