Bad news can be good news

10.08.2018 14:25

Now Switzerland is talking openly about failure, and the founders of AlgoTruck have made it happen. A very good development for Switzerland.

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The failure taboo in Switzerland is one of the few factors that hampers the development of a dynamic start-up scene in this country. In this respect, it is very good news that this week a company spoke openly about failure. In a guest article, Dominic Spalinger and Remo Rohner talk about the history of their start-up AlgoTruck. Despite a promising business idea, clever technology and an investor, the start-up failed. The two entrepreneurs write candidly about why they failed and what they and other start-up founders can learn from it.

Advanon also reported serious issues this week. In a proactive move, the fintech start-up announced the discovery of a major case of fraud on the SME financing platform.

Even the Crypto Valley Association has not hidden the fact that it is not satisfied with the composition of its board. That’s why it is now looking for qualified women in a public process. Applications are open until 30 August.

But there were of course success stories this week, and particularly pleasing are those start-ups that have been able to assert themselves on the international market. These include DEPsys with its smart grid solution, and Mobsya with its edtech robots, Thymio and VSHN, which have caught the attention of Australia’s Treasury.

In addition, biotech company Therachon, which focuses on rare diseases, reported a major financing round of more than CHF 60 million.

Despite the holiday season, a lot is also going on with supporters. The Innosuisse start-up training programme will start again soon and we talk to Caroline Graf, programme manager at Venturelab, about the courses in western Switzerland. Some time ago, we published an interview about the courses in German-speaking Switzerland.

I would also like to draw your attention to an information offer from eHealth Suisse, which helps app developers to understand whether a new app may be considered a regulated medical device that has to undergo a complex certification process. Checklists also help with the preparation of this process.

Do not miss the deadline of the Swiss Technology Award on 24 August.

Finally, I warmly recommend our interview with Havell Rodrigues, CEO of Boston-based blockchain start-up Adjoint. It shows how the start-up scene is globalising and how Switzerland can benefit from it.

Have a sunny weekend
Stefan Kyora

Editor in Chief, Startupticker.ch

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