Nhumi Technologies launches Drug Safety Website for Physicians and Patients

30.11.2011 14:23

Nhumi Technologies AG unveils its new website http://drugsafety.nhumi.com providing a direct access to the safety information of U.S. marketed drugs. The web site offers interactive reports on drug safety data that can easily be explored by physicians and patients.

The new web site by Nhumi presents adverse events reported to the U.S. FDA since 2005. It identifies the most relevant safety information and depicts it on a virtual model of the human anatomy showing body parts that are most adversely affected by a drug. Additionally, it describes all data graphically with charts and concise tables. Visitors to the site can quickly explore the safety profile of a single drug and compare it to that of other drugs. They can even focus on a specific group of patients easily by selecting the medical condition, age, gender, or co-medication that best fit their requests.

“We are bringing health data closer to the end user”, says André Elisseeff, CEO of Nhumi. “We have developed a system to help experts and patients have a direct access to drug safety facts during their daily activity. Visitors can then compare their observations to the numbers and make the right decision faster.

The Nhumi Drug Safety web site is currently in beta version and open to all visitors. It has been designed with the help of safety and medical experts working in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. The underlying technology was initially developed in Nhumi Study Insight, a web application to support medical reviewers monitoring safety data in a clinical trial setting. Its application to the U.S. FDA AERS safety database is scalable, which enables the integration and analysis of millions of records at a low cost. The technology is further complemented with an automated analysis of the causal relationship between the drug and its adverse events, indicating whenever possible whether one drug is safer than another. The integration of the massive databases on adverse events provided by this technology, coupled with the visualization over a 3D virtual body that was first developed with Thy Mors in Denmark to visualize Electronic Medical Records in a clinical setting, makes Nhumi Drug Safety web site an extremely powerful and user-friendly tool that will highly benefit the medical community and patients alike.

Nhumi Technologies, based in Zurich, is a software development company who develops innovative solutions in eHealth and Pharma IT. Its mission is to provide patients and clinicians with a direct and easy access to clinical evidence, fostering high quality data and evidence sharing for better decision making.

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