5 outstanding companies at the next Swiss Venture Day

28.11.2011 15:22

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Femtotools, Iprova and 3 medtech companies – Advanced Urology Solutions, Aeon, Pearltec – will present at the next Swiss Venture Day on December 7th.

Quantity and Quality of Swiss start-ups are improving. At the same time more and more awards are given to young companies. It is not easy to keep an overview of all startups and select the most promising. CTI Invest, the Swiss Venture Platform therefore presents selected startups four times a year on the Swiss Venture Days.

The next Venture Day will have a focus on medical technology. 3 of the presenting companies are from this industry.

  • Advanced Urology Solutions is a very young company headed by Jean-Jacques Becciolini who is also the co-founder and Vice-Chairman of Swiss Medical Solutions, a company focusing on urine tests.
  • Aeon Scientific is developing a tool for surgeons. It allows them to navigate a catheter with great precision during a catheter ablation.
  • Pearltec is a well known young company that is planning the second step of its development. The company produces devices for the comfortable positioning, bedding and immobilization of patients during complex and costly imaging procedures such as CT or MRI

The 2 other companies are from different industries

  • Femtotools has just launched a micromechanical testing and assembly system platform. It allows for sophisticated micromechanical testing or the microassembly of small objects in an intuitive and user-friendly way.
  • Iprova is an early stage company led by the renowned IP expert Julian Nolan. The startup is developing a new, hugely disruptive, technology. The team is currently conducting pre-launch trials with some of the world's leading corporations.
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