Switzerland rank 15th in cleantech index

28.02.2012 15:29
Denmark is top with Israel second, but Switzerland, manages only 15th place in the Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2012.
The report, “Coming Clean: The Cleantech Global Innovations Index 2012” by consultants Cleantech Group, was published on 27 February and mandated by WWF. It looks at 38 countries, seeking those that have been most innovative and those that promise to do well in this rapidly growing market over the next 10 years.
Despite its great innovation, Switzerland is ranked only 15th. The country’s score is average on all factors except general innovation drivers, where it is stronger. It is ranked highest for general innovation inputs, though this is tempered by its weaker entrepreneurial culture. Switzerland’s emerging cleantech innovation score is helped by strong environmental patent output. Although the country has only average VC activity, it sees more later stage deals, with private equity, M&A and IPOs all above average. However, the country’s commercialised cleantech score is held back by low consumption of renewable energy. Switzerland scores slightly above neighbours Austria and France, but below Germany.
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Much interest in Swiss start-ups