36th Swiss Venture Day - 7.3.2012 - 14-18 h - SIX Swiss Exchange Zurich

28.02.2012 15:20

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Six companies from five different industries will present at the next Swiss Venture Day (7th of March 2012): Sensefly, Compliant Concept, StereoTools, Gonnado, GreenTEG and Stemergie.

As always the companies presenting at the Swiss Venture Day of CTI Invest are quite different. But every one of them has a huge growth potential.

senseFly provides low cost, compact, safe, discreet and simple to operate “flying cameras” for advanced aerial imaging solutions such as 2D and 3D mapping. Our package includes not only the ready-to-operate flying sensor, but also all necessary post-flight software and services to automatically process the acquired images.

Compliant Concept
Pressure ulcers are one of the most serious problems in day-to-day care. COMPLIANT CONCEPT offers an advanced pressure ulcer prevention at lower costs than today's practice. The first product is a Monitoring System that not only prevents pressure ulcers, but also reduces the manual repositioning of the patient by one third. The second product will be a Relocation System that saves nursing effort by gently repositioning the patients.

StereoTools has developed the StereoPod, a stereotactic guide (guidance system) for minimally invasive neurosurgery. It can be used to perform all stereotactic procedures, which concern today mainly brain biopsies and Deep Brain Stimulators implantation. The system can also be used for new medical procedures which will be introduced in the near future.

Gonnado connects social media and free time/event organization on the Internet. Participants can describe their experiences (Facebook) and meet people with similar interests. Gonnado also offers personalized suggestions to users. In addition Gonnado holds successfully different events.

GreenTeg develops thermoelectric generators as an alternative to batteries. Although batteries have a limited lifetime, a bad image and require periodic replacement or recharging mobile devices (like wrist watches) are mainly powered by them. Thermoelectric energy conversion helps to overcome such challenges. Small thermoelectric generators allow powering electronic devices by body heat.

Cancer-initiating cells are the cells at the origin of the tumor, control tumor growth and are resistant to standard of care. In order to improve survival rates of patients it is critical to target these cancer-initiating cells. Stemergie has a novel technology to identify a) cancer-initiating cells and b) targets and molecules that specifically target brain cancer-initiating cells.

The 36th Swiss Venture Day takes place in Zurich on March, 7th. More information on the CTI Invest Website.

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