24.05.2017 14:34

“In Switzerland, we are not aggressive enough”

Digitalisation in the health sector is in full swing. Switzerland is well positioned, but must be careful not to be overtaken by old and new competitors, according to serial entrepreneur Ulf Claesson. Active himself in this field with Clinerion, Claesson knows the situation first hand.


19.05.2017 14:15

Xsensio set to rise the Lab-on-Skin game

Xsensio, the Vaud-based startup developing a proprietary Lab-on-Skin sensing platform, has been building momentum lately by focusing on the execution of its B2B strategy. In our interview, CEO Esmeralda Megally, shares her experience and speaks about the projects of her company as well as the nomination of their new Chairperson, Beth Krasna.


18.05.2017 10:16

“We offer access to talent and large pharma groups”

The new life science accelerator Baselaunch has already attracted the interest of 140 start-ups. We talk to managing director Alethia de Leon about what makes the accelerator attractive and why it is not a good idea to postpone application until just before the deadline.


15.05.2017 16:41

„Die Post wird meist in Schweizer Startups investieren“

Vergangene Woche hat die Post den Start eines Corporate Venturing Programms in Zusammenarbeit mit investiere bekannt gegeben. Wir haben bei Thierry Golliard, Leiter Open Innovation & Venturing bei der Post nachgefragt.


11.05.2017 12:05

“….when you fall, stand up and run again”

While some founders celebrate constant success in their startups, others fail and are forced out of business. After experiencing the dramatic fall of his publicly traded company Miracle , Peter Schüpbach, stood up and started venturing in other businesses making him today’s renowned entrepreneur. In his interview with Swisspreneur, Peter shares his experience and gives tips to startups.


04.05.2017 09:30

New York opens doors for Swiss Fintech startups

Fintech startups aiming to developing their companies in the heart of the finance industry are invited to submit their applications for the venture leaders Fintech program 2017 until 14 May. Stefan Steiner,Managing Director at venturelab gives insights on the new program and the significance of New York for Fintech startups.


13.04.2017 15:51

„Kontingente behindern uns sogar bei der Rekrutierung von Absolventen von Schweizer Hochschulen“

Es gibt immer mehr Schweizer Startups, die schnell Arbeitsplätze schaffen. Doch wenn sie Arbeitnehmer von ausserhalb der EU anstellen wollen, wird es schwierig bis unmöglich. Dies gilt sogar dann, wenn die Ausländer in der Schweiz studiert haben. Wir haben mit Nilson Kufus, Mitgründer des High-Tech Startups Nomoko über das Thema geredet.

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13 Jun 2017, 9am - 5pm

Swiss Medtech Day 2017 Kursaal Bern, Kornhausstrasse 3, 3000 Bern

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22.06.2017 08:30 - 18:30

Venture Capital Deal Camp IMD, Lausanne

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Swiss ICT Award: Deadline extended

The deadline for the Swiss ICT Award was extended to 31 May. Swiss ICT is looking for new and innovative IT-based solution in all industries.