Kandou Technology wins third phase of venture kick

With the technology of Kandou battery life of mobile devices can be increased and speed of data throughput in graphics card, game consoles or server backplanes can be accelerated. Now the experienced team of Kandou won the venture kick phase III award which comes with prize money of CHF 100.000.

Everyone’s talking about green IT, or environmentally friendly information and communications technology. Kandou is supplying one of the building blocks for this. The founders have developed an algorithm that allows more efficient communications between processors and memory, printers or other peripherals – resulting in energy savings of up to 50 percent. Kandou's technology leads to substantial improvements across a wide range of electronic devices. It dramatically increases the battery life of mobile devices or substantially lowers heat dissipation and accelerates data throughput of graphics cards and server backplanes.

Kandou is a spin-off from EPFL. It was founded by Amin Shokrollahi and Harm Cronie. Amin Shokrollahi, CEO of Kandou, has been at the forefront of research in information communication for the last 20 years. A Fellow of IEEE, he has published 100+ papers and books, and 50+ patents in the area of information transmission. He was the Chief Scientist of Digital Fountain, a company specializing in transmission of data on unreliable networks, which was acquired by Qualcomm, Inc., in 2009.


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Swiss start-up turns to the Nasdaq

Last year Auris Medical raised more than CHF47 million in venture capital for further growth. This was the largest round of financing in Switzerland in 2013. The company has two drugs in development: an injection for tinnitus and a drug for hearing loss in the inner ear. The tinnitus medication has already started the third and most expensive stage of development, the phase III trial. The Basel company, which has its headquarters in Zug, intends to raise the necessary capital on the Nasdaq: the IPO should bring Auris a total of $95 million in new money.