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CTI Entrepreneurship: Neue regionale Anbieter für Modul 2

Die Kommission für Technologie und Innovation KTI hat die Anbieter für die ersten beiden Module des Start-up Ausbildungsprogrammes CTI Entrepreneurship bestimmt. Die Kurse des Moduls 1 («Business Idea») werden weiterhin vom IFJ Institut für Jungunternehmen angeboten, für das Modul 2 («Business Concept») sind neu drei regionale Konsortien zuständig. Die Ausschreibung erfolgte Anfang 2014 über ein öffentliches Verfahren.


Another First for Sophia Genetics

Shortly after receiving ISO 13485 accreditation, Sophia Genetics has become the first European company to obtain a CE-IVD mark for the clinical use of a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) bioinformatic pipeline for routine genetic testing. This quality assurance certification represents an important step in raising the standards of routine genetic testing and clinical diagnosis, and brings Sophia Genetics' world-leading Data Driven Medicine platform to a wider market.

Categories: Launch

Delenex Expands Pipeline

Delenex Therapeutics AG, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company primarily developing treatments for dermatological diseases using its proprietary PENTRABodies, today announced that it has expanded its pipeline with two PENTRABodies targeting interIeukin-17A and interleukin-1β for the treatment of psoriasis, acne and other diseases.


WA de Vigier Award – more than prize money

The application deadline for the long-established award from the WA de Vigier Foundation is at the end of September – ambitious start-ups should not miss this date. Winners will receive 5 times CHF 100’000. In addition winners and nominees get access to an excellent network and can take part in the alumni events of the foundation.

Categories: Award

ICT trade mission to Europe’s largest ICT market

Switzerland Global Enterprise and the Swiss Business Hub in London are organising an entrepreneurs’ and R&D trip for Swiss companies in the FinTech and cyber security sector in November 2014. Participants have the opportunity to establish contacts, gain market information and build up brand awareness in Great Britain.

Categories: Support, Export

World Economic Forum awards green taxi project from Zurich

The World Economic Forum launched a challenge to the Global Shapers Community to help combat climate change, with 100,000 CHF in grants awarded. One of the winners is a project from Zurich.

Categories: Award

“Pretty Easy privacy” wants to restore privacy for everyone

pEp – pretty Easy privacy – is a bundle of solutions anyone can add to his or her communication tools. Instead of providing another crypto app it encrypts messages in those tools where people are creating them: SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Jabber (and more). Two of the initiators are former Novartis CIO Leon Schumacher and Volker Birk, a German software architect working in Winterthur.

Categories: Launch

Delair-Tech announces partnership with Pix4D

Delair-Tech is excited to announce their partnership with Pix4D and the release of seven new UAV system packages. Each of the new packages are targeted at different real-world usage scenarios (survey, agriculture, surveillance).

Categories: Partnering

Partial association of Switzerland to Horizon 2020: What does it mean for start-ups?

Switzerland and the EU have found an agreement for a so-called partial association to Horizon 2020. This however does not improve the situation for SME and start-ups. provides an overview for start-ups.

Categories: Support

FLYABILITY et LOGIKIDS sont les vainqueurs de la sélection suisse romande du STARTUPS.CH AWARD

Une technologie spectaculaire et un logiciel révolutionnant le monde pédagogique défendront la créativité suisse romande lors de la finale des Swiss Startups Awards 2014. Les deux projets romands défendront leurs chances contre les finalistes tessinois et suisse allemands pour le prix de CHF 50'000.- le 30 octobre prochain à Zurich.

Categories: Award
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Pryv Partners with Misfit Wearables

Categories: Partnering, Launch

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