22.07.2016 14:14

Zwei Berner Start-ups machen ÖV-Billette überflüssig

Fahrkarten per App im Voraus kaufen ist out. Jetzt genügt ein Check-in/Check-out-App (CICO) für den Öffentlichen Verkehr. Bereits drei Systeme sind im Einsatz, teilweise noch als Testbetrieb. Mitbeteiligt an den Innnovationen sind mit Fairtiq und approppo gleich zwei Berner Jungfirmen.

22.07.2016 09:20

Two Startups compete against five large companies

In this year’s Swiss Venture Club Award Romandie, two startups are battling against large and already well-established companies. Nexthink and Coorpacademy have been nominated among the finalists.

22.07.2016 08:15

Nanolive obtient un prêt de CHF 500'000

Nanolive vient de signer un prêt early de 500’000 francs de la Fondation pour l’innovation technologique (FIT). Ce type de prêt, avec intérêt et sans garantie personnelle, est destiné à une entreprise en phase de développement commercial en recherche d’investisseurs privés.


21.07.2016 17:45

nViso launches EmotionAdvisor

nViso, a Lausanne based company providing software that detects human emotions by capturing and interpreting facial micro-expressions and eye movements, has released a fintech solution that detects how investors truly feel about financial issues to facilitate financial decision-making.

21.07.2016 14:50

Clinerion receives international recognition

Clinerion, a biotech company providing Patient Recruitment System that uses a hybrid cloud infrastructure to search patients’ electronic health records, has been recognized as a Finalist by the Business Intelligence Group for the their annual Stratus Award for Cloud Computing.

21.07.2016 10:30

Prodibi closes CHF 400'000 financing round

Prodibi, an image display and sharing platform, announced that it has raised CHF 400'000 from Swiss and European private investors. This round will enable the founders to structure the company while developing their services. Prodibi has also launched a new preview to allow anyone display their images.

21.07.2016 09:45

BestMile raises $2.5M in Seed Round

BestMile, the Lausanne based startup specialising in software to manage driverless vehicle fleets remotely, announces the closing of $2.5M in seed round led by an angel investor from the Zurich region. The funds will be used to rapidly scale the team internationally, accelerate development and boost growth.

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